HR Performance Management Software

Automate the admin burden for managers, employees, and HR, and embed performance management into your organisation's day-to-day routine.

Performance management that performs

Reduce the performance management process to bite-sized chunks and eliminate the need to chase for completion. Using performance management software that tracks employee performance and allows managers to give regular feedback, achieving individual and organisational objectives has never been so easy.

Key benefits:

  • Boost system adoption and completion by implementing a simple, intuitive process. A user-friendly interface makes the software simple to navigate.

  • Fully configurable review forms reflect different developmental styles. An approach tailored to individual employees or specific departments allows for more accurate review.
Performance Runner
  • Automated reminders and alerts reduce the need for HR to chase for completion. By making performance management routine, the appraisal process should become second nature for both employees and management.

  • Employees and managers take collaborative ownership of the process, eliminating the need for intensive HR involvement. Not only will a performance management system lead to more efficient use of HR's time, but employee engagement will increase through collaboration.

  • Boost engagement by encouraging managers to adopt a coaching mentality. Create a culture that values development.

  • Gather richer workforce insight from continuous coaching and feedback. Regular performance appraisals provide a constructive channel for improvement.

  • Gain leadership buy-in with live analytics overlaying performance and productivity. Easy-to-use and understand, this performance management software allows for data-driven leadership decisions. 

Allow managers to focus on the assessment itself and improve the performance review experience for everyone

Key benefits:

  • Fully configurable performance review forms. The process is people-centric, personalised for individual employees.

  • Employees and managers participate in review and documentation, with discrete contributions. A collaborative approach to talent management.

  • Automated alerts and reminders, eliminating time wasted chasing people for completion. The performance management system is established as a day-to-day element of work.
  • Connect employee objectives to your organisational strategy. Ensure a two-way benefit which merges the company's expectations and individuals' goals.

  • Facilitate continual feedback and continuous development. Create a working environment that fosters learning and boosts employee confidence.
  • Easy access for both employees and managers to contribute. The ability to access the software anytime and anywhere offers the opportunity for continuous reflection.

  • Managers can follow employees’ real-time progression. The software allows employee performance to be easily tracked, meaning weaknesses can be identified and individual development plans implemented when needed.


With XCD's software, performance management need not be limited to annual reviews or one-size-fits-all appraisals. This performance management system is easy to understand, configurable and collaborative, providing an enriching experience for both managers and employees.

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