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A seamless applicant experience from the very first touchpoint. With XCD's recruitment software, you streamline the whole recruiting and onboarding process, from publishing new vacancies right through to onboarding. No matter what stage you are at in your recruitment or onboarding, everything will be tracked and managed from a single platform. Not only does this reduce headaches for recruitment and HR teams, you will ensure that your potential candidates and eventual new hires are offered the best experience possible.


Key benefits:

  • Start managing employee relationships from the moment they apply. Simultaneously improve the candidate experience and the recruiter experience. 

  • Candidates self-serve from the word go. Through use of an intuitive interface, candidates are not reliant on communication with HR for a clear recruitment process.

  • Automate key onboarding steps so the process is consistent and repeatable. Each new hire has easy access to the onboarding software whenever they like.

  • Approve and publish vacancies in one, streamlined process. Practice efficient talent acquisition by saving time on job advertising and get stuck into hiring. 

  • Easily track recruitment trends with configurable reports and dashboards. Make data-driven decisions with easy-to-use recruitment software. 


With recruiting being one of the most crucial responsibilities of Human Resource management, it makes sense that a recruitment process should be as systematic as possible to ensure a comfortable experience for recruiters and candidates alike. Applicant tracking systems (ATS) and e-sign software eases the HR workflow, while self-service portals give candidates access to their application's progress.


Key benefits:

  • Intelligent recruitment using our online portal to create, approve and publish vacancies. Streamline the process for recruiters to simplify the early stages of hiring.

  • Candidates can log in to enter required information and upload cover letters/CVs. Potential new hires can manage their applications via a user-friendly platform. 

  • Quickly compare the candidate, the job description, person specification and other candidates. Using an ATS which pools all the relevant information allows employers to navigate the recruiting software with ease. 

  • Paperless contracts allow candidates to sign online. Integrating e-signatures into the hiring of new employees will reduce the amount of HR time spent on admin.

  • Automate every step of your onboarding process. Providing an all-in-one onboarding software that is accessible from a new hire's first day will enhance the onboarding experience and boost employee confidence.


Employee onboarding should give new hires the knowledge to succeed from their first day. Our step-by-step onboarding software automates the onboarding process from start to finish and enables remote onboarding so that new hires can have everything they need to success in their new position at their fingertips.


Key benefits:

  • XCD’s onboarding tool offers a series of measures to ensure the joining experience is seamless and painless. From both a new hire's and HR's perspectives, harnessing up-to-date onboarding software will lead to increased productivity.

  • Set up joiner self-service account. New employees have learning and development materials available at the touch of a button, whether they be at work or at home. 

  • Configurable reminders and checklists. Performance management has never been easier than with an onboarding process that guarantees thorough training. 

  • Communicate important information, documents, policies and obligations. With the software's onboarding checklist, you will ensure that your new hire has everything they need as quickly as possibly, drastically reducing your time-to-hire. 
  • Ensure nothing is missed. The workflow of the onboarding program is kept in check and completed effectively.

  • Automatically creates new employee record on completion. Streamlined until the final step, this method evidences that a new employee has engaged successfully with the onboarding.


Too often, recruitment can be the most challenging aspect of a HR professional’s role. XCD’s HR software provides an intelligent, not to mention convenient, combination of recruitment and employee onboarding systems. Not only does this offer an unrivalled experience to hiring managers and new recruits simultaneously, but enables successful talent acquisition within organisations. 

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