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Unlock the value in your people data. Use real-time workforce analytics to better strategise your HR and performance management.

Standard and executive level reports dashboards at your fingertips

There is inherent value in HR data. Without reliable information, HR teams lack the insights to make informed decisions for their workforce. Gut decisions are susceptible to unconscious bias and heuristics, XCD supports fact-based decision making through a HRMS that provides you real-time data and metrics to inform your people analytics.  

HR reporting and analytics software removes the guess-work from HR, providing data-driven actionable insights into your workforce and company's practice. Analyse and strategise using clear reports to identify trends in performance, recruitment and employee lifecycles. Using people analytics as a part of your HR strategy enables you combine performance data with team information to generate team-specific insights. 

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The key features and benefits of using HR analytics include:

  • Generating reports quickly and easily with XCD software. From employee retention, turnover rates, performance and learning and development, XCD software makes managing people data clear and accessible
  • Utilising 150 pre-made popular reports to inform strategies. Take the headache out of people analytics by using templates to structure your reports.
  • Keeping your leadership team in the picture with personalised executive dashboards. Inform business decisions by ensuring personnel on all levels are on the same page with workforce analytics
  • Giving your strategic recommendations data-driven foundations. Drive productivity in your workforce using technology and key metrics to maintain motivation and ensure consistency between teams
  • Using predictive HR analytics to forecast talent requirements, skill gaps and workforce trends. Aid recruitment ahead of time by identifying what's missing from your employee skill sets and future-proof your business
  • Accessing the latest analytics and AI innovations from Salesforce. Access the plethora of tools available from the world's no.1 CRM software platform.  

Unlimited configurability

Create a HR analytics reporting system that's as unique as your workforce. Maintain employee engagement and productivity by tracking and optimising employee performance for your business. With quick and clear reports, you can harness the power of data to keep your people happy and reduce costly oversights. 


Reporting excellence

  • Access accurate reporting anywhere, anytime and on any scale with over 150 reports as standard using our cloud-based software
  • Use Executive Reports and dashboards give instant, one-click access to top-level human resources insights and people analytics
  • Utilise descriptive analytics to enable all relevant parties to understand employee data easily
  • Ensure GDPR compliance with reporting facilities that allow you to control who sees what and deletion management
  • Integrate 3rd party data sources, like Gender Pay Gap benchmarking from HMRC
    Access to next generation AI through Einstein Analytics and Einstein Prediction Builder

HR analytics empower your Human Resources team to generate data-driven HR strategies that benefit your whole organisation. Optimise your workforce by proactively tracking employee development, employee exit rates and employee experience.

Utilising people analytics effectively can save your company costly recruitment processes and help better inform practices in your organisation for a cohesive work environment and positive employee experience.

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