Time & Expense Management Software

All-in-one software solution for expenses management and time tracking

Empower your people through simple, intuitive self-service software for expenses and time tracking. Boost accuracy, efficiency and productivity using automated workflows to cut HR admin. 

What does XCD time and expense management software do?

XCD Time and Expense Management software seamlessly automates time-consuming admin processes to streamline your expense reporting and employee time tracking. Saving time on mundane admin increases HR productivity, allowing you to focus on tracking, analysing and evaluating how to best use your employee's time. With time tracking software and expenses management software, manage multiple work cycle patterns, track time efficiently and handle your team's expense reports in an all-in-one software solution.  

Mobile, paperless expenses reduce processing time by up to 50%. Keep your employees happy with user-friendly, intuitive software that is accessible from their XCD mobile app, making uploading receipts and invoices quick and convenient. Paperless expenses enable you to keep all of your employees expense claims in one central system, ready to access and audit as you need to. 

Time management software provides you with flexible timesheets and customisable work cycles to cater for a wide range of different role types and schedules. Make employee time tracking simple and transparent by enabling your employees to access their timesheets remotely with mobile approvals. Cut processing time and delays with automated alerts to complete timesheets, increasing efficiency with seamless data sharing. 

Time Is Money

Time and expense management software can benefit your organisation by:

  • Tracking workforce trends to inform better decision-making, project management and budget analysis.
  • Building your software system around the needs of different employee types, with bespoke dashboards and work cycles.
  • Banishing stacks of paper receipts and invoices with instant paperless expenses.
  • Automating calculations to eliminate the issue of human error in expense reports.
  • Cutting processing time and eliminating last-minute expense chasing with mobile approvals.
  • Offering personalised user experience with configurable work cycles.
  • Enabling your organisation to access timesheets and expenses anytime and anywhere, whether working remotely or on-the-go with cloud-based software.


XCD timesheet software provides seamless and flexible timesheets for your business needs. Track time effectively by empowering your team members with mobile time entries for improved accuracy and timely completion. 

Reduce admin time with automated workflows that streamline time tracking processes with complete visibility and comprehensive reporting for both HR and your team. 

Key features

  • Use timesheet software to track employee and project time easily and effectively
  • Utilise a range of timesheets for different situations, i.e. casual workers, flexible time and overtime
  • Ensure accurate time tracking and pay for hourly paid employees
  • Empower your team with intuitive self service user experience
  • Benefit from automated alerts and reminders to complete timesheets in time for payroll
  • Access all aspects of your timesheet software without the need to log in with a Thermal Biometric Scanner (TBS) on the mobile app

Work Cycles

Support flexible working for your employees and team members who work a regular pattern but different hours each day. XCD’s work cycles tool in the time tracking software makes this complex process simple.

Using timesheet software gives both HR and your employees peace of mind as automated calculations eliminate the risk of human error in calculating leave, time tracking and more. Clear work cycle formats provide cohesive communication between HR and team members so everyone stays on the same page.

Key features

  • Automate calculations around leave entitlement, hours of absence for requested leave, and total hours worked each day
  • Calculate part-period pro-rata payments
  • Automatically update annual leave summary record in the case of a change in employee’s work patterns
  • Utilise pre-loaded 14 standard work cycle templates, or incorporate virtually any composition or duration to suit the flexibility of your team


With expenses software, save time and reduce costs by streamlining expense reporting and expenses management. Reduce the headache for your staff and your HR team with paperless software for expenses without the endless receipts. 

Keep your team members happy with a quick and simple software system that keeps all aspects of expenses for the whole team, including submitting, approving and processing expenses, in one place. Receipts and invoices are streamlined into a paperless software system, keeping all of your expense information organised and accessible. 

Key features

Take the hassle out of expenses tracking for your team. Generate clear expense reports and prepare for audits with our expense management functionality. 

  • Submit and approve business expenses in real-time from any smart device using the XCD mobile app- meaning no more missing receipts with paperless uploads
  • Support multi-currency receipts, invoices and expenses
  • Assign, process and report expenses for multi-job role employees
  • Apply a simple approval process, with multi-level approval available if required
  • Ensure you remain HMRC compliant with automated calculations built in to the expense software
  • Empower your staff with managerial or administrative expense amendments on the employee’s behalf if necessary
  • Automate processing to ensure quick and accurate reimbursement


Using time tracking software, overtime calculations are consistent and transparent and ensure accuracy throughout your organisation with custom authorisation levels on overtime claims. 

Enable your employees to feel in control of their time tracking and billable time with self-service software. Reducing admin time and costs, paperless software streamlines processing as overtime invoices are digitalised and submitted seamlessly. 

Key features

  • Support many types of overtime, such as on call, fixed rates, variable rates and variable overtime hours with associated multipliers.
  • Enjoy simple processing to make and approve claims.
  • Ensure employee reimbursement occurs in a timely manner in line with payroll. 
  • Send payment information directly to payroll and pay through BACS if required.
  • Remain HMRC compliant across all of our payroll and expense software.  
  • Ensure complete visibility for employees, management and HR with bulk overtime data uploads and processing.

Who can benefit from implementing time tracking software and expense management software?

In short, everyone in your company.

Automated time tracking and expense management frees up your HR team's schedule, giving more time to strategise employee time and project management. Time and expenses software allows your organisation to manage their expenses and time tracking efficiently anytime, anywhere through cloud-based software. Let your HR team focus on optimising your team's productivity, not battling endless admin!

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