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A completely cloud-based mobile app solution for your HR team and your employees. 

Global Mobile Access

Whether you're out of the office, working from home, on the road or travelling there's no reason you shouldn't have access to the same HR tools you would at your desk. Having mobile access to the same software you use daily in the office can revolutionise your workforce performance, enable flexible working and empower your team. 

HR solutions

The XCD app incorporates all of the core HR functionalities for your business' workforce needs, whether you're HR staff or company employees, find everything you need in one easy-to-use HRMS app. Combining HR and payroll, the XCD app is an end-to-end mobile solution for all of your in-house Human Resources needs, utilising intuitive user self-service to increase efficiency. 

Employees have control over their own employee data through the XCD app, allowing them to update and modify information as necessary. Enable your HR teams access to accurate, up-to-date information to save time, minimise errors and improve employee experience.

Going Mobile


Don't wait until you get into the office to submit your expenses, invoices or timesheets, simply log on and upload using XCD's cloud-based software, compatible with Android and iOS devices. Our customers have shown that instant paperless mobile expenses and immediate line-manager access to approvals can cut expenses processing time by up to 70% and save mountains of unnecessary paperwork. 

Employees benefit from automated reminders in the app to submit time and expenses documents in time for payroll, saving your HR team the headache of chasing timesheets and expenses to ensure accurate pay. Boost transparency in payroll processing and encourage a proactive employee relationship with their pay through self-service. The XCD app and payroll software is completely HMRC compliant, so you don't have to worry about tax discrepancies from human error. 

Key features of XCD mobile app to benefit your HR and payroll processing:

  • Don't wait for urgent approvals. Having access to on-the-go HR software means your employee workforce can enjoy seamless communication on important matters, no matter where you are. 

  • Check leave entitlement. Manage annual leave easily and clearly, using time tracking software with automated calculations to ensure accurate entitlement and allowances. 

  • Manage personal information. Put your employees in the driving seat and enable self-service updates of personal data straight from the app. 

  • View payslips. Allow your team to see their monthly pay as soon as the payslips are released, empowering your employees to feel in control of their finances. 

  • Search colleagues and contact details. Placing all of your organisation's people data in one software system allows HR to easily find exact information quickly and easily. 

  • Photograph receipts, submit and approve instant expenses. Streamline your employee expenses and cut processing time by 70% through instant app uploads. Using software, users can upload instant expenses and never have to worry about losing a receipt again!

  • Easily connect new employees to the app with quick, real-time updates. Employee onboarding has never been easier. Allow new starters to efficiently input personal data, sign important documentation and access core HR features directly. 

  • Increase bottom line revenue. Slash administrative processing time and enable your HR to focus on your people. Enable your HR team to spend more time on strategic performance management, learning and development and employee productivity - not mundane admin that can be easily automated.

The XCD mobile app is the perfect all-in-one payroll and HR solution for your business. Free up HR time to focus on workforce strategies, improve the performance of your employees and drive analytic insights into the quality of your employee lifecycles.

Providing a self-service platform for your employees to be in control of their personal data, core HR functions and pay related matters like timesheets and expenses encourages positive and productive workforce attitudes and saves your business invaluable time. Take a look at how mobile software can revolutionise your HR and payroll by booking a demo with us below

XCD Mobile App

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