Payroll & Reward Software

Single solution means XCD HR and Payroll data is held on the same database. Enables up to 50% faster processing 

XCD Payroll & Reward

Not integrated. Not combined. XCD HR & Payroll is just one thing. And with no information bottlenecks, Payroll processing becomes simpler, faster and more accurate.

Key benefits:

  • Single solution saves time and eliminates errors
  • Process and run Payroll from a single screen, with a minimum of clicks
  • Automated dashboards make reporting a job of minutes
  • All calculations are automated, saving considerable processing time
  • Our powerful Payroll engine can incorporate multiple payrolls and flexible payroll periods
  • Certified as HMRC compliant, XCD provides the tools you need to ensure you're on top of regulatory changes
Pay Day


Our pensions engine can manage auto enrolment, additional voluntary contributions (AVCs), and regular pension contribution calculations.

  • Pension payroll on a monthly or quarterly basis
  • Easy to manage pension records
  • Pension contribution reports and dashboards
Pension Report


Manage all employee rewards easily with simple and effective security, one view for all information and clear information on organisational impact.

  • Salary review managed from single screen
  • Previous increases, performance rating and total budget impact reports facilitate salary review decision-making
  • Combine salary reviews with annual bonus awards easily

Other key features:

  • Self-validating BACS processing
  • Third party BACs payments
  • Retrospective payment calculations
  • Full audit trails
  • Multiple payrolls
  • Fexible payroll periods
  • RTI submissions
  • All statutory calculations
  • Student loans, court orders and more
  • Comprehensive payroll and payment reports
  • Automated leave and pay calculations for irregular workers
  • Option to simplify your processes with fully managed and bureau payroll
Payroll Reporting

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You'll be amazed by how quick and easy processing becomes using XCD. Book a tailored demo with one of our system specialists. 

  • We'll call you straight back to find out what you need and select a convenient demo slot
  • An XCD system specialist will walk you through a tailored demo of the XCD functions that specifically meet your needs
  • A demo typically takes between 30 mins and an hour
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