XCD Mobile App

Submit expenses on the bus, complete timesheets anywhere, check holiday entitlement… while on holiday. 

Global Mobile Access

If your people are out of the office, on the road, there's no reason they shouldn't have access to the same tools they would at their desk. They should be able to check their holiday allowance and book leave while sat around the kitchen table with their family, not have to wait until they get into the office. 

Our customers have shown that instant paperless mobile expenses and immediate line-manager access to approvals can cut expenses processing time by up to 70%.

Key benefits:

  • Don't wait for urgent approvals
  • Check leave entitlement
  • Manage personal information
  • View payslip
  • Search colleagues and contact details
  • Photograph receipts, submit and approve instant expenses
Going Mobile

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You’ll be amazed by how quick, and easy processing becomes using XCD. Book a tailored demo with one of our system specialists.

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  • An XCD system specialist will walk you through a tailored demo of the XCD functions that specifically meet your needs.
  • A demo typically takes between 30 mins to an hour.
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