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Reduce the time spent on admin tasks and ensure you pay employees accurately and on time with a HR system that provides simplicity and transparency, making your world a better place.

"Bringing in such fresh technology works brilliantly both for HR and HR metric reporting but more importantly as an engagement tool for the whole business."
Dan Creed, HR Director, esa

Looking for great benefits and ROI?

  • Save a significant amount of time and resource
  • Replace heavily manual process with a modern online solution

Find out how esa replaced all of their manual processes around time and expenses, and how it impacted the organisation here.

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Seamless and flexible timesheets allow for accuracy, timely completion and reduced admin processes. Track employee and project time easily and effectively.

  • Range of timesheets available for different situations, i.e. casual workers, flexible time, overtime and more
  • Automated alerts and reminders to complete timesheets
  • No login required, you can automate everything with a Thermal Biometric Scanner (TBS)
  • Where appropriate, you can pay people based on logged timesheet hours
  • Complete visibility and comprehensive reporting

Ensure accuracy and transparency with all overtime hours throughout your organisation, with custom authorisation levels and straightforward processes to enable self-service.

  • Supports many types of overtime: On call, fixed and variable rates, double time and more
  • Simple process to make and approve claims
  • Send payment information directly to payroll
  • Complete visibility for employees, management and HR

Move your business into the future and gain a broad understanding of your company expenses; create and share reports and make it easy to follow processes and prepare for audits with our expenses management software.

  • Claim and submit expense from any smart device
  • Multi currency expenses is supported
  • Simple approval process, with multi-level available if required
  • Manager or administrator may amended expenses on employee’s behalf

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