Case Study: Complete automation for Alpine

Managing workers was extremely time-consuming. Their challenge was to make administration manageable and data accurate.

About Alpine Elements

Alpine Elements is a specialist ski, snowboard and summer active holiday company which has been operating for more than 17 years. They take over 20,000 clients away to France and Greece each year and employ over 400 staff, largely comprising seasonal employees, many of whom stay only for a 5 month season.

Their permanent staff work all year round to provide a highly streamlined operation with a superior level of detail, which created a requirement for HR & Payroll software as the company continued to grow.

Ski Holiday Family
  • 1 Week Saved monthly on payroll
  • Hours Saved On Onboarding
  • 400+ People Including Seasonal Workers

The Challenge

Managing seasonal workers used to be an extremely time-consuming process. Recruitment, on-boarding, staff resourcing and payroll were all run on a combination of spreadsheets and paper-based forms.With each month bringing many joiners and leavers as well as role and salary changes, this presented a logistical challenge.

Alpine Elements needed to streamline these processes to make administration manageable, reduce the time spent on these tasks and to provide sound reporting on headcount.They also needed to ensure that each month’s changes were captured in time to generate a truly accurate payroll.

Alpine Elements

The Solution

XCD scoped-out this project in detail, taking time to understand our processes and requirements.We firstly set up the organisation model, mapping roles, salaries and headcount for Alpine's chalets and hotels. The next step was to generate tailored employment contracts with a few mouse clicks.

The final step was to automate the payroll process, generating pay reports directly from the resourcing data. A set of reports made progress immediately visible to the administrative and payroll teams.

The Results

Alpine Elements now have a streamlined HR and payroll system.On-boarding e-mails now take a couple of minutes instead of several hours and the monthly payroll reports take less than an hour to audit prior to payroll processing, saving the team days of work.

Minutes instead of hours

“Managing seasonal workers used to be an extremely time consuming process. Now, onboarding emails take minutes instead of hours!”

Rachel Morton
HR & Recruitment Manager, Alpine Elements

XCD Products Used

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