Ninety One want HRMS that doesn’t put them in a box

“We like to do things our way"

XCD Case Study

About Ninety One, global asset management

“We like to do things our way,” says Denise Moss, Human Capital Project Manager at the global asset management firm Ninety One. “We want technology that supports us but doesn’t put us in a box.”

This smart approach to technology (and their nine-year relationship with XCD) has allowed Denise and her team to build a consistent employee experience across a workforce of almost 1,200 employees, spanning multiple international locations across Europe, Africa, Asia, North American and Australia.

A culture of freedom

Ninety One has a culture that strives to give its people the freedom to express their strengths, skills and talents. Their culture is reflected in how they approach Human Capital, and the XCD system has supported them to do this through the bespoke development of XCD modules, such as learning, annual development reviews and SMCR.

Truly global

Being a truly global asset manager, many of the teams within Ninety One are dispersed across multiple locations around the world, so it is not uncommon for an individual’s line manager to be located in a different country.

XCD has supported Ninety One to deliver a globally consistent employee experience that empowers people to ‘drive their own path’.

XCD & Salesforce

Ninety One chose to implement XCD in 2012

“The Salesforce relationship was a key factor in our choice,” says Denise Moss. “It’s a key tool for our business, so our people already used the platform every day and are familiar with how it works.”


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Today they use XCD for Core HR, Payroll, Performance and Learning. As a business already well used to using Salesforce, Denise and her team have been able to customise the solution to their unique needs.

“We use technology efficiently to help us work, but very much customising so it reflects who we are and how we do things as a business,” she adds. “For instance, how we do our performance reviews is unique to us, how we approach probations, it’s all been customised on the system. Also, we use customised fields to record the data we need to keep on people for SMCR.”

SMCR Compliance

When the Senior Managers and Certification Regime (SMCR) came into effect in 2019, financial services HR teams had to adapt to a new system of regulation and fresh reporting challenges.

SMCR is designed to encourage greater individual accountability in the financial sector, ensuring firms and staff clearly understand and can demonstrate where responsibility lies. But new regulations always come with new reporting headaches.

Having first identified which areas of the new process could be solved by technology, Denise and her team chose to leverage XCD. “Those parts were tied up with the organisational structure we had on the XCD platform, so there was a good match there,” says Denise Moss. “Now we’ve customised the system to record data around the different certified roles in the business. It’s an annual process that seems to have gone really well.”

Denise Moss

Human Capital Project Manager at Ninety One:

“The XCD system has allowed us to build a global system that is accessible to all our employees and managers to manage their requirements all in one place. We’ve been able to configure many different modules to meet our unique requirements.”

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