Case Study: Data automation ‘means improved public services’

"It has been a pleasure to work with XCD, it felt like we were working with our own in-house development team."

About Peterborough City Council

Peterborough City Council is leading the digital revolution of the Public Sector under its “Digital Peterborough” campaign. Their aim is to transform the way they deliver services to their local community by partnering with leading technology suppliers, including XCD and Salesforce.

Peterborough City Council

The Challenge

“Local councils are facing huge pressures to save money,” says Richard Godfrey, Assistant Director, Digital, Peterborough City Council. “We have teams of experienced employees, who are good at their jobs. We want to retain our staff whilst making better use of valuable skills. We need to work more effectively moving forward.”

The Council’s HR team were running over 100 paper-based processes at the same time, eating up an unnecessary amount of resource. They needed an employee-centric system that would enable mobile self-service and automation.

Automation Digital Tech
  • 1,300 Employees
  • 100+ Processes Automated

The Solution

This project saw XCD system specialists working closely with Council teams to tailor their implementation to public sector specifications.

XCD system experts took the standard, out-of-the box solution and worked alongside Peterborough City Council to develop the system to specifically fit their needs. The Public Sector HR model is complex, but mainly rule-based, as the majority of contracts, salaries, leave, benefits and pensions are standardised.

We automated paper-based HR processes, freeing up HR teams, managers and employees from time that was being wasted on admin.

The Results

The XCD solution was a perfect fit, meeting the council’s requirements of an employee-centric, self-service system. Mobile accessibility has enabled employees to work more efficiently and flexibly, saving both time and money.

“We are here to serve our community and so automating processes and enabling staff to work anywhere, from any device, means improved public services,” says Richard Godfrey.


““It has been a pleasure to work with XCD, it has felt like we were working with our own in-house development team. We’ve been able to tailor the solution and mould the new system as if it were a bespoke project just for PCC.””

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