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How important is the relationship between you and your people? Pre-pandemic, 52% of HR managers said employee relations and employee experience was a key priority. Post-pandemic, organisations have had to rethink how they approach engagement and relationship management. 92% of HR teams now say it is a key priority (research from Willis Towers Watson).

XCD's solutions give organisations one platform for people processes and engagement, allowing you to understand and improve your relationship with each employee.

Key benefits:

  • Create engagement from the moment of application
  • Apply data-driven insight to your people relationship management
  • Always on - global connectivity 
  • Easy to use, easy to adapt
  • Stay compliant - empower people to own their information
  • Automation drives HR efficiency and removes the mundane
  • Get the best from your people by understanding and nurturing their skills and talent 
  • Quickly apply organisational innovation through powerful, accessible tools
  • Enable an inclusive and diverse culture


We know that HR professionals traditionally spend over a third of their time answering employee emails and queries on operational issues. These are workplace management tasks that can easily be transferred to self-service core HR software.

This administrative burden is exacerbated by confusing or outdated HR software with poor employee self-service. It means when an employee has queries about payroll, leave management, or performance management, for instance, it comes straight to HR, adding to the overall administrative management headache.

Employee relationship management suffers when Human Resources spends its time firefighting a mountain of admin. XCD’s HR software allows the employer to dramatically speed up employee processes and boost HR productivity, freeing up time for HR to focus on managing the strategic side of employee relations.

Self Service: Key benefits

  • Employee and manager self-service with little or no managing from human resources
  • Intuitive design for ease of use and an enhanced user experience
  • Manage records anywhere, anytime with the XCD mobile app
  • Reduce time spent chasing incomplete records

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Self Service

Absence and Leave

A key element of employee relations is a consistent and clear absence and leave process. A modern core HR solution should enable seamless management and boost employee engagement – while mobile line-manager approvals eliminate a significant management burden for the HR department.

User experience is key. In XCD, employees can check their leave allowance from anywhere using the XCD Mobile App; submit holiday requests on the bus, from the bath, even when they're already on holiday.

XCD's HR software reporting and analytics tools allow employers to identify potential business resource disruption, closely tracking sickness and absence and employee relations trends to spot potential engagement issues.

In XCD, meeting your absence and leave compliance obligations is easy. All leave calculations, allocations, and adjustments are automated, saving the employer thousands of hours a year. 

Absence and leave: Key benefits

  • Anytime, anywhere user access
  • Unlimited configurability on leave rules
  • Set up triggers and alerts to identify trends
  • Advanced absence and leave reporting and analytics
  • Automate leave calculations for multi-job role employees
  • Eliminate payroll delays caused by information bottlenecks
Absence And Leave

Automated workflows

XCD's employee relations software saves time and increases accuracy by automating chosen workflows. Workforce management and HR performance is significantly improved, increasing accuracy and freeing up time that HR teams can spend on strategic tasks like employee relationship management.

XCD’s core HR system flexibility allows you to choose which tasks are automated, boosting productivity in the areas most important to you and your organisation. 

Automated Workflows: Key benefits


  • Quick-start employee setup
  • Automate onboarding to achieve consistency across the organisation 
  • Ensure important process steps aren't missed or forgotten
  • Stop chasing employees and managers for overdue tasks 
  • Create triggers and notifications for selected events 
Automated Workflows

Company dashboard

Software that makes internal comms easier to manage. How you communicate with your employees sets the tone for workplace culture. It's a key ingredient in how relationships between employer and workforce are nurtured.

Employee relationships are improved by immediate, easy access to news, announcements and information. And XCD provides one destination for employees to find everything they need.

Company dashboard: Key benefits


  • Message board News and announcements
  • Featured staff profile(s)
  • Job vacancies
  • Social Media activity
  • Calendar of important dates
  • Documents, file and policy acknowledgements
Company News


If you employ or handle data for people in the EU, GDPR should be on your agenda. From the moment of application to offboarding and beyond, your people's sensitive data is your responsibility. And the penalties for non-compliance are significant.

XCD cloud HR supports your GDPR compliance in several ways.

GDPR: Key benefits


  • Automatically obtain data processing consent from current and prospective employees where required
  • Report templates notify HR staff of records that should be deleted under GDPR, based on your data retention policies
  • We also offer data deletion as a premium-level service
GDPR Report

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