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We love exploring the many facets of the HR and Payroll world and calling on our industry experts to share their knowledge and experience.

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moving hr and payroll to the cloudMoving HR & Payroll to the cloud

If you're interested in leveraging the many benefits of cloud-delivered software as part of your HR digitisation strategy, this document is for you.

It list the key questions, considerations, tasks and decisions you'll need to address.

How to plan, what to prepare, who to involve and how to manage them. Plus, how to approach the implementation. 

hr TECHNOLOGY DRIVES PRODUCTIVITYHow HR technology can drive productivity

In this report HR technology expert Barry Flack examines the tools, knowledge and framework that will allow HR to tackle productivity issues head on.

"We now have permission to challenge unproductive rituals in the workplace," he writes. "To use collated data to understand what good looks like and underpin this with consumer-grade employee experiences, enabled by technology and trust." 

hr data whitepaperOpportunities and Challenges in the Age of HR Data

Commentators are calling the digitisation of business the 4th industrial revolution.

HR can now measure and analyse the performance and behaviour of their employees with HCM technology and data analytics.

Find out what’s possible in the realm of HR data, and the workflow and processes that surround it.

HR data best practiceGDPR: HR Personal Data Best Practices

HR departments, as holders of large amounts of personal data, need to ensure that they have systems, policies and procedures that are demonstrably GDPR compliant.

Download our best practice guide for advice on:
Data retention, Security features required in your HR system and  How to become complaint and maintain it


If you are planning to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of HR through an added investment in technology, then this comprehensive evaluation tool will assist in your decision process.

From establishing the right criteria to evaluating features, flexibility, and of course, the supplier there’s a lot to consider when you’re shopping for a Human Resources and payroll solution.

the xcd solution overviewXCD Solution Overview

What can the XCD software do for your organisation? This document lists the modules and functionality available through our solution, and explains the configurability and flexibility of the system that makes it such a powerful tool for so many organisations.

XCD WEBINAR HR AND GDPRWebinar: Putting HR in Control of GDPR

GDPR affects businesses of all sizes throughout the EU and beyond, and the one department that is going to be impacted irrespective of industry or any other business aspects is HR.

In this webinar, Darren (Fifth Step) and Chris (XCD) discuss what is needed to help HR be in control of GDPR.