Recruitment and Onboarding

Recruitment and Onboarding

Recruitment and Onboarding

From talent acquisition insights to employee turnover analysis, these resources bring together essential insights about recruitment and onboarding.

From talent acquisition insights to employee turnover analysis, these resources bring together essential insights about recruitment and onboarding.

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Recruitment and onboarding

Recruitment and onboarding are some of the biggest challenges and opportunities facing HR professionals in this day and age. With a UK-wide skills shortage and a competitive hiring landscape, finding the perfect person quickly and efficiently from a pool of potential candidates is a key priority for in-house recruiters and HR departments.

But how do we enhance and speed up the recruitment process? What can we do to improve onboarding for new hires, even when it has to be completed remotely? What can we learn from employee turnover? And how can HR technology such as recruiting software boost your team’s capabilities? Collected on this page, all our resources on recruitment and onboarding will answer these questions and are essential reading for your HR team.

Recruiting candidates

Recruiting candidates

From using data to improve your hiring process and boost the recruitment strategy to reaching passive candidates, these resources cover everything you need to know about recruiting. In these articles and reports we dive deep into candidate behaviour and how HR professionals can enhance the recruitment process using recruitment software.

Research: The big candidate behaviour report

How can in-house recruiters enhance the candidate experience? What do candidates really think about the recruitment process? How do applicants evaluate potential employers and how much do flexible or remote working policies matter in their decisions? Here’s all the latest research into candidate behaviour in an easy-to-digest downloadable resource, created by Monster and our sister organization Hireserve.

Why we’re in danger of missing the point about the ‘Great Resignation’

In this guest post, HR and talent expert Barry Flack explores a new perspective on the so-called ‘Great Resignation’. Analysing the current situation in the UK, this article argues that the emphasis of HR strategies should be to build resilience and embrace data in order to rise to the current recruitment and retention challenges.

Meeting Deliver Bad News

Talent management and acquisition

Talent management and acquisition

Talent acquisition and management is one of the greatest challenges faced by HR professionals at the moment. Due to a shortage of talent, it’s more important than ever to refine and improve hiring to make sure your organisation sees the best potential candidates. From effective internal recruitment to using best-in-class applicant tracking software and effectively sourcing passive candidates, these resources cover everything you need to know about hiring and retaining talent in the current competitive landscape.

How to win at internal recruitment

Cost-savings, improved employee retention, and super-simple onboarding are just a few of the big benefits of internal recruitment. It’s no wonder that so many organisations are now making internal recruiting a key aspect of their retention strategies. However, there are some real risks when it comes to recruiting internally, so it’s essential that HR teams get it right.


In this resource, we share some vital tips to make internal recruitment work for your organisation and avoid the internal recruitment mistakes that some hiring managers make.

What are the biggest challenges in HR?

Spoiler alert: one of the biggest challenges that HR professionals are facing at the moment is talent acquisition. With Gen Z entering the workforce and looking for employers that offer far more than good salaries (mental health and wellbeing policies and flexible working policies are high on the list), it’s important that these needs are reflected while hiring. Read this resource to learn more about the solutions to your talent problems and the other biggest challenges faced by HR.

Top talent is hard to find; it’s even harder to hire. With a shortage of skills currently occurring in the UK, talent acquisition has become simultaneously more challenging and more important than ever. In this article, we explore some of the tools and techniques that HR teams can use to ensure an excellent candidate experience that attracts top talent. A customer service mindset in your recruitment process, seamless and regular communication, and total transparency are essential to ensure that the entire recruitment process turns talented applicants into talented new employees.

Hr technology in the recruitment process

Hr technology in the recruitment process

There’s vast potential for HR software such as Human Resources Information Systems to streamline and standardise the hiring process. Applicant tracking system (ATS) software and HR solutions with integrated onboarding software provide a smooth and effortless transition from initial application to hiring and onboarding for applicants and HR teams alike. In these resources, we explore the ways that a powerful HR software can automate the hiring and onboarding process.

How HR technology can improve recruitment processes

In addition to automating a wide range of HR processes, HR software can also streamline and enhance the recruitment and hiring process. From using AI-powered data analytics and forecasting tools to identify a recruitment need, and using powerful applicant tracking system capabilities, to multi-channel syncing there’s vast potential for HR software to revolutionise recruitment. This article explores some of the key ways that HR and recruitment software is a game changer for in-house recruiters.

Performance Improvement Plans



Research by Glassdoor suggests that organisations with a good onboarding process improve retention of new hires by a whopping 82% and enjoy significantly higher productivity. It’s no secret that an effective onboarding is essential to providing a great employee experience and boosting your retention rate. In these resources, we look at strategies to improve your onboarding process, whether that onboarding is completed in-person or remotely using employee onboarding software. Improving employee engagement and performance throughout their time at your company, the onboarding experience isn’t something HR leaders can ignore.

Remote Employee Onboarding

Tips for effective employee onboarding

To lay the groundwork for a new employee to be productive, engaged, and loyal in their role, an effective onboarding strategy is essential. In this resource, we discuss seven key tips for providing a great onboarding experience to new hires. Onboarding software as part of your HR solution is an invaluable addition to your onboarding process, allowing you to eliminate time-consuming admin, streamline workflows with automation and easy-to-use checklists, and provide a consistent and frictionless onboarding experience for all new hires.

Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic and the rise of remote working, remote onboarding has become more common than ever. How can HR teams ensure that they are onboarding new hires effectively and making a great impression on the new employees while completing onboarding remotely? In this download, we share our essential checklist to make sure you are onboarding new hires effectively from their very first day. Key to this is using a best-in-class HR software or recruiting software with the functionality to support an easy and effective remote onboarding.

Download: Employee onboarding checklist for line managers

With an estimated 22% of new hires leaving a company within the first 6 months, it’s vital that they receive an effective and structured onboarding that lasts longer than their first few days in the organisation. This helpful checklist is designed for use by line managers who are onboarding a new employee and highlights the different focuses needed at different stages in the onboarding process. No matter whether this is your first time onboarding a new hire or your fiftieth, this checklist will help you make sure nothing is missed out of the process.

Analysing employee turnover

Analysing employee turnover

What’s the turnover rate in your organisation and what does this say about your organisation? In these resources, we investigate how employee turnover data can be used to inform HR and recruitment strategies and improve retention in an organization.


Tips to utilize Resources to Monitor Employee Turnover

Average employee turnover rates: What is considered normal churn?

With different average employee turnover rates existing in every industry, it can be hard to figure out whether your turnover is normal or a cause for concern. In this article, we explore the difference between employee turnover and attrition and discuss how to calculate and improve your turnover rate.

What can we learn from employee turnover?

Employees don’t leave for no reason at all; analysing your employee turnover rate and the factors driving it is an essential opportunity for HR teams to gain key insights about the organisation. Gathering data using an HR software with advanced analytics capabilities is a good way to find out why your employees are leaving and figure out what can be done about it. In this article, we explore the insights that can be gathered from your turnover data.

Are employee turnover rates due to increase post-pandemic?

There’s a risk of high employee turnover following the Covid-19 pandemic, with the so-called ‘Great Resignation’ taking hold and a talent shortage shifting the advantage in favour of employees rather than employers. In this resource, we discuss some of the factors that affect a post-pandemic turnover rate and what human resources professionals can do to remedy this.

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