Why XCD?

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Why do organisations choose XCD?

HR & Payroll professionals everywhere are switching to XCD... here's what some of them say about us: 

"The change has been revolutionary for our team and has saved us a significant amount of time."
Di Gwinnell, HR Business Partner, SACO: The Serviced Apartment Company

"In the end we just felt XCD was a true HR system written by HR people, rather than a finance payroll system with a bit of HR added on to it. That is why we chose XCD."
Samantha Webb, HR Manager, Sanden Group

“I’ve rolled-out a variety of solutions during my career and I can honestly say XCD is by far the best. It’s the most customer-focused platform I’ve ever worked with; extremely simple and user friendly – I love it."
Matthew Blair, Project Manager, Enstar

Going Mobile

Here’s how XCD benefits different stakeholders in your organisation

Different stakeholders will have different needs from HR & Payroll software, here's what they need to know.

HR & Payroll

  • Reporting

    Unveil strategic insights

    Save over five days a month on reporting and deliver board-level insight with world-class analytics and dashboards, built using Salesforce’s leading AI technology.

  • Efficiency

    Eliminate wasted time

    HR admin is significantly reduced using XCD process automation and self-service. Paperless mobile expenses reduce processing time by 80%. XCD Payroll processing is 50% faster than comparable systems, while our comprehensive self-service options cut HR enquiries by up to 70%.

    Eliminate Wasted Time
  • Configure

    Have it your way

    XCD adapts to your organisation’s unique challenges and processes, not the other way around. No other solution is as flexible.

    Configure It Your Way
  • ROI

    Proven returns

    XCD has a decade-long track record of delivering strong ROI for our customers. Streamlined processes, system consolidation and positive user experience deliver time and cost savings, making a measurable impact on your bottom-line. 

    ROI Piggy Bank
  • Flexibility

    Only implement what you need

    Only implement and pay for the functionality you need. One of the key benefits of true native cloud is the ease with which XCD can scale. As your workforce grows, so will XCD, and as your requirements change, the app can change to meet them.

    Pick And Mix
  • GDPR

    Peace of mind

    Sensitive HR & Payroll data is the number one GDPR risk for organisations. XCD supports your GDPR compliance in line with your deletion policies, with automated reports and notifications, by obtaining employee data processing consent as part of the recruitment process, and through our data deletion service.

    GDPR Delete

Your People

  • A single destination

    One login

    One app, one login, one intuitive user interface for all your people, allowing them to complete their tasks in as few clicks as possible.

    One App
  • Any time, anywhere access

    Mobile as standard

    People can access and update their personal information on the move; managers can approve requests immediately; employees can plan and book their family holiday while sat around their kitchen table, rather than having to be in the office.

    Anytime Access
  • Own your data

    Empower your people

    Employees own and control their own personal data in XCD. They are responsible for updating and ensuring accuracy from when they accept the offer of employment to the moment they leave.

    Personal Data
  • Performance and development

    Simple and transparent

    Employees’ personal performance targets are accessible at any time within the system, ensuring people can stay focused on strategic goals. And with easy access to XCD learning and development, both employees and managers can easily book and approve any available training options to close skills gaps.

    Performance Climber


  • Total cost of ownership

    A fundamental cloud benefit

    As a true cloud application, XCD offers all the total cost benefits of the cloud, future-proofing, lifespan, cost-savings on maintenance and updates. And as a native Salesforce application, we also offer our customers the security and robustness of the world’s most popular platform, and the vast integration and system-consolidation opportunities available within the Salesforce ecosystem.

    Total Cost Of Ownership Balance
  • Scalability

    Supporting growth

    As your business grows, so do your workforce management needs. Rather than restricting change, XCD is designed to flex and grow alongside your business, implementing additional functionality as and when it is required.

  • Track spending and resource

    Endlessly configurable reporting

    Track workforce costs and spending against budgets with easy-to-use and highly customisable dashboards and reports. Integrate with FinancialForce for full PSA or ERP capability.

    Track Spending
  • Leadership pedigree

    Chaired by Vin Murria

    In 2016, XCD attracted investment from Vin Murria, who also joined the company as our Chair. Vin is a multi-award-winning British entrepreneur, who received an OBE in 2017 for her services to the digital economy and advancing women in the tech sector. Vin’s involvement in XCD was closely followed by the appointment of experienced tech CEO Simon Fowler and COO Ben Bishop, both hugely experienced software industry leaders. 

    Vin Murria


  • Platform consolidation

    Harness the Salesforce ecosystem

    Our customers report an average 30% saving on system maintenance and admin costs when migrating from a multi-solution approach to XCD’s single solution, incorporating HR, Payroll, learning, recruitment and onboarding, and more... Additionally, there are almost 4,000 additional third-party apps that can be integrated with your org from the Salesforce AppExchange ecosystem.

  • Future proof

    Unmatchable R&D investment

    Salesforce’s R&D into the latest cloud tech means our developers can fully focus on XCD functionality without worrying about technical debt or disruptive technology trends.

    Future Proof Strategy
  • Release strategy

    Stay up to date

    Our release management process makes it easier for customers to access the updates they need, while removing the obligation to accept disruptive implementations several times a year. Every year, XCD customers have four opportunities to accept a major release, raging in scope from ‘Tier One’, entirely new product concepts and innovations, to ‘Tier Two’, ad-ons, improvements to existing features and additional service bundles. 

    Balloon Release
  • Built on Salesforce

    The world's No.1 business cloud platform

    Customers benefit from our decision to build XCD on the world’s most popular and fastest-growing cloud platform. Levels of security, compliance, robustness and recovery are what you’d expect from a multi-billion-dollar infrastructure.

    Salesforce Logo
  • Salesforce admin skills

    Easily accessible technical knowledge

    Any required technical Salesforce knowledge is accessible for free through Trailhead, the platform’s own personalised learning and skills platform. New skills can be picked up in bite sized ‘units’, each designed to be digested in as little as 15 minutes.

    Knowledge Salesforce Trailhead


  • Strategic Analytics

    Intelligent Data

    With accurate workforce and payroll data in a single database, executive-level analytics dashboards are instantly at your fingertips. Create comparison dashboards to measure your organisation on issues like gender pay gap against your competitors, using third party data courses like HMRC. 

    Analytics Laptop
  • Cumulative cost-savings

    It all adds up

    Through factors like per-employee administration cost, retention, engagement, and easy application management and maintenance. While Salesforce’s ongoing investment in the latest technology ensures your system retains compatibility and eliminates the need for expensive system overhauls in the future.

    Pebble Beach
  • Control of personal data

    Empower your people

    Employees own and control their own personal data in XCD. They are responsible for updating and ensuring accuracy from when they accept the offer of employment to the moment they leave.

    Working At Home
  • Performance & development

    Put performance on the daily agenda

    Employees’ personal performance targets are accessible at any time within the system, ensuring people can stay focussed on strategic goals. And with easy access to XCD learning and development, both employees and managers can easily review and book training options to close skills gaps.


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