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Enhancing employee experience Human Resources and Payroll native to Salesforce Lightning

HR and Payroll Software on your Salesforce Platform

If your organisation already uses Salesforce CRM, Marketing Cloud or any application on the Salesforce Platform, it no doubt benefits from the outstanding reporting, dashboards, flexibility, configurability, mobile experience and ease of use that the platform has to offer.

That's why now is the time to bring your HR and Payroll onto that same all-in-one platform, creating your Salesforce HR solution, benefiting from:

The Salesforce HR and Payroll Offering

As the only single HR and Payroll solution on the Salesforce platform, you benefit from all of your data in one place, reducing administration and complexity whilst improving ROI and functionality. Both HR professionals and employees using HR services will reap the benefits that this provides: Salesforce HR, designed to your requirements.Core HR screenshot

If you’re looking for the best HR Salesforce apps, or a Salesforce payroll app to streamline your processes and improve your employee experience, you’ve come to the right place.

User Experience

User experience (UX) is key for any technology investment, and Salesforce built their Lightning Platform around their experience of being the World’s Number One CRM solution. This means, as part of their unrivalled investment into the solution, all native Salesforce Lightning Ready apps are built on the same technology and take advantage of Salesforce platform features.
XCD Mobile App

And this outstanding UX isn’t just on desktop either. With the Salesforce and XCD solutions both being mobile friendly, and the Salesforce One App available to provide self-service and approvals features, your workforce can benefit from a fantastic mobile experience any time, any place and on any device.

If your organisation currently uses solutions on the Salesforce platform, they’ll also be familiar with the user-friendly interface and page layouts, speeding up time to competency and improving user buy-in.

Clare Riddiford, Salesforce Manager at Homeless Link, says her people’s familiarity with the Salesforce platform has helped Homeless Link leverage XCD.

“It was simple to get people to adopt XCD, as most of our people use Salesforce every day,” she says. “Now they can view and approve holiday or expenses when they’re out and about, reducing the workload and simplifying things for everyone.”

Technology and Performance

The Salesforce development platform provides a series of “no-code” development tools, which allow XCD customers to add to or extend the functionality of the application to suit their changing business requirements – lowering total cost of ownership.
Salesforce technology

The platform also provides the ability to code in Salesforce’s native programming language where required, using combination of tools, like Apex, VisualForce and Lightning Components.

XCD developers make use of these where we need to do complex things in the application – one example is our payroll calculation engine.

One of the key benefits of the Salesforce platform is also performance. The entire platform is built on trust and transparency, and with an up-time SLA of 99.9%, Salesforce gives a complete view on scheduled maintenance and any incidents in real time at Being built on Salesforce means that XCD can boast the same up-time.

When working with XCD, you can be up and running for self-service in as little as two weeks from the start of your project and can benefit from second-to-none configuration abilities long term.

Integrations on a single org

Everything in the Salesforce database is delivered through APIs; from the data in the system of record, to the meta data that defines your configuration and layout – all open and extensible.

Single Org

This means that you can integrate all of your Salesforce applications – be it HR, Payroll, CRM, Finance, PSA and more – into one single org on the Salesforce core platform, for a seamless employee experience that leaves no process siloed.

In fact, integrating one Salesforce app with another and using a single org means that all of your data is on one secure database, resulting in outstanding reporting functionalities across all divisions, simpler monitoring and upgrades, one file repository and a lower total cost of ownership overall. Users will have access to everything they need with one login, rather than moving between systems or mobile apps and without the requirement to build new integrations that can cause risks around upgrades and data security.

High Security

Salesforce is a highly trusted secure platform that offers users a raft of options to secure their data, manage multiple-level access and track user behaviour.

High Security

It provides a highly scalable, transactional database with a fantastic user-extensible structure. The database is secure, providing the option to encrypt data at rest, and is located in data centres around the world, so you don’t need to worry about data sovereignty.

This is a crucial consideration because, for most organisations, HCM constitutes the biggest data security risk, owing to the personally identifiable nature of the information it holds. Employee data such as addresses, salaries, bank details, medical information, etc. are highly sensitive, and if you’re storing all this locally on spreadsheets rather than on a cloud-based workspace, the chances of it being shared either accidentally or maliciously are vastly increased.  

Running our software on the Salesforce cloud platform means our customers benefit from the platform’s stringent information security, various role-based security and access options that ensure only the right people can view sensitive data, and audit controls that enable admins to track what is accessed and edited, by who, and when.

It means compliance with stringent GDPR regulations is much less of a headache, and our customers can claim adherence to globally recognised security frameworks like Cyber Essentials and ISO27001. And because data is digitised and centralised as part of the cloud implementation, subject access requests, storage and retention policies are comparatively simple to establish and execute.

In addition, the solution is hosted in Salesforce own data centres located around the world with comprehensive privacy and security certifications.

The benefits of running single HR and Payroll on Salesforce also means that you only use one database, avoiding risky integrations, duplicating data entry or information leakage.

Find out more about the benefits of a single solution Salesforce HR here

Technology Investment

Salesforce’s R&D into the latest cloud tech means our developers can fully focus on XCD functionality without worrying about technical debt or disruptive technology trends.

Technology Investment

And with Salesforce making multi-billion-pound investments into remaining market leaders of technology, XCD can capitalise on this to take advantage of new and exciting developments, such as Einstein Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Leveraging Salesforce’s investment in the Einstein AI and Analytics platform, the XCD developer team is currently working on a number of exciting AI-powered projects implementing machine learning and natural language processing.

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Their people’s familiarity with the Salesforce platform helped Homeless Link leverage XCD.

““It was simple to get people to adopt XCD, as most of our people use Salesforce every day. Now they can view and approve holiday or expenses when they’re out and about, reducing the workload and simplifying things for everyone.””

Clare Riddiford
Salesforce Manager at Homeless Link

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