Digital HR buzzword bingo at CIPD Festival of Work

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A lot of people there will be studiously fuelling hype around new technology, the way chatbots and artificial intelligence are going to revolutionise business.

And they are, we’re not disputing it, but we’ll bet that not too many people will be addressing the bigger, more fundamental question, how do we measure digital transformation success?

That’s because digital transformation is still something of a nebulous concept that encompasses so much more than just clever tech. It’s about people, process design, personnel development, cultural change; and it’s about bringing all that together in a way that allows individuals, teams and organisations to thrive.

So how do you measure the total organisational change implied when we say, ‘digital transformation’?

Fortunately, that’s what we’re at CIPD Festival of Work to talk about.

Visit our expo stand, C50, to find out more, or swing by the HR Technology Stage at 14:30 on day one, where our CTO Ben Bishop will be examining how to get your digital HR & Payroll from Zero to ROI.

‘Digitisation’ is high on the bingo card next to ‘paradigm’ and ‘data is the new oil’.

And if you hear the phrase ‘4th industrial revolution’, the rules of the game state that you have to do a handstand.

But before you do, think about this.

Digital used to mean tools, calculators, watches.

Then it became an approach, digital marketing, digital communication, digital business.

And today, it might be good for a light-hearted buzzword bonanza, but digital encompasses everything to do with the way we live and work.

So finding out how to make Digital HR effective and measurable should be top on everyone’s conference agenda. 

We look forward to seeing you at the CIPD Festival of Work.