HR WEBINAR: Navigating the end of the pandemic

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This is a conversation from the first days of March, what was (hopefully) the beginning of the end of this pandemic.

The 2021 summer of freedom is a tantalising possibility, but we still need to be prepared to navigate a steady reopening of the economy and a phased return to normal working life.

While that sounds beautiful and what most of us have been dreaming of for months, it’s not going to come without complications.

We spoke to HR expert Philippa Barnes to examine some of those issues, and ask what HR leaders can anticipate and prepare for.

  • What is the ongoing impact on employee wellbeing?
  • How has a year of remote work altered employee expectations?
  • How do we create policies to manage a hybrid environment fairly?
  • Is ‘no jab, no job’ viable and/or ethical?
  • Plus a live Q&A

Here’s a snippet: 

Philippa Barnes, ReThink HRPhilippa Barnes is a Director at the consultancy ReThink HR. Complete the form to watch our conversation about how we navigate out of the pandemic.