XCD People: Brittney Bies, Senior Product Support Specialist

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Introducing Brittney Bies, Senior Product Support Specialist at XCD.

It’s Brittney’s job to ensure customers are supported when configuring their software, or when they’re implementing new functionality or a new feature release. And when complications arise, as they sometimes do, she’s on the end of a phone with a quick, calm solution.

“Brittney is a fantastic asset,” says XCD customer and HR & Payroll Administrator at SACO, Judit Heidinger. “She is very knowledgeable in her field, she goes above and beyond to provide the best ever service and also to further improve our knowledge.”

Forget what you think you know about a ‘typical’ support role. Brittney’s team need highly detailed theoretical and practical product knowledge, not to mention a thorough understanding of HR and Payroll best practice, to support both customers and internal XCD teams.

“Every single day is different,” says Brittney. “I can plan to the best of my ability, but with so many different types of queries coming in, it’s often impossible to predict what I’m going to be working on.”

This isn’t a job for the faint hearted: “It’s tougher than people think,” she says. “But I love it.”

Raised in California by parents who instilled a daily mantra, “You can do anything the boys can do, but better,” Brittney is no stranger to toughing it out.

“That confidence has definitely helped me,” says Brittney. “It’s made me the professional I am today. I’m always pursuing career progression and want to achieve the best for myself and the organisation.”

You wouldn’t naturally associate someone boasting a Masters in Fine Art (with distinction!), a background in feminist history, and a cabinet full of sporting trophies, with a role in enterprise software support.

So what leads a Californian fine art MA to the UK to pursue a career in HR & Payroll software?

Realising the art world wasn’t going to provide the opportunity to use her natural talents, Brittney’s impeccable maths and systems skills led her into the tech industry. Her English husband led her to Bristol. And eventually, her charm and people skills led her to XCD.

Which is lucky for us, because XCD Head of Customer Support Scott Adams, our customer service guru, believes Brittney is the real deal.

“She’s friendly and easy-going,” says Scott. “She knows the XCD product and processes inside out and her communication and customer service skills are exemplary. I can’t see any room for improvement.

“Although, thinking about it, she does say ‘error’ in a slightly weird way, more like, ‘errrrrr’. I think she might be American.”

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“It’s a great place,” adds Brittney. “The job is hard sometimes but it’s fun and being able to enjoy work means a lot. I work alongside people I respect and we all believe in what we’re building.”