Is your HR system up to the job?

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If any of these apply to you, maybe it’s time to start thinking about an upgrade.

Outlook calendar tells you when to check your HR system

You’re wasting time checking manually for things like absence, overtime or important deadlines. So much so that you need another programme to remind you when to do it. These tasks can be automated. A new system can ping you with alerts based on specific data points that you dictate. Excessive overtime, repeated absence or a milestone work anniversary? Ping! Job done.

You fantasize about having strategic data

You struggle to clearly demonstrate the ROI on your L&D activities; and reporting tangible metrics on performance goals met, broken down by department is a herculean task. And don’t even start on the employee turnover measurements, compared across different departments. What kind of impact could you make with easy access to this data?

You’re constantly firefighting

Resources are stretched, you and your team work long hours but never quite catch up. You could grow your HR team… But perhaps it’s time to look at where your time is going. You could upgrade to a system that automates repetitive admin and allows your employees to carry out certain tasks themselves.

There are gaping holes in your knowledge

Maybe there are elements of self-service to your current system, but life would be so much easier if people were willing to engage with it properly. Unfortunately, the interface is confusing, fiddly to access, and the process counterintuitive. Even your senior managers resent the time it takes. They comply grudgingly, and then only when Outlook reminds you to remind them. It leaves you with a perilously incomplete view of what’s actually going on in your business.

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You need a system to keep track of all your systems

Businesses grow organically. Often, so do their HR systems and processes. For many fast-growing businesses, this means bolting on new systems as and when. But now you’re bigger, and you’re running several different platforms, and as you grow you’re duplicating work just to manage their upkeep.

It becomes difficult to extract meaningful insight from the siloed data. For a small business, this in an inconvenience. Once your workforce reaches an appreciable size, you’re looking at a major headache.

You’ve stopped driving value

You want to deliver strategic benefits, but all your energy is spent keeping your head above the tide of admin. Leadership doesn’t appreciate the strategic value HR can bring because they’re not seeing it. The answers you need are right there in the business. You need the correct tools and the time to access and meaningfully report them.

As an organisation grows, so does its complexity, and sooner or later it’s time for a system upgrade. Choose the right system and cut the time you spend on admin; consolidate disparate data sources and provide easy self-serve access; free up time and release the insights you need to add strategic value.

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