Core Company Values

Core Company Values – principles which are used to guide the company towards its ideal potential of growth, culture, branding and goals.

For example, the ice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s focus on social activism and creative flavours have been a huge success. The values that guided them to this place are:

  • Product Mission - drives them to make fantastic ice cream—for its own sake.
  • Economic Mission - drives them to manage their Company for sustainable financial growth.
  • Social Mission - compels Ben & Jerry’s to use the Company in innovative ways to make the world a better place.
  • A deeper dive: “Central to the Mission of Ben & Jerry’s is the belief that all 3 parts must thrive equally in a manner that commands deep respect for individuals in & outside the Company & supports the communities of which they are a part.”

Company values are important for your HR Team in many respects. They can be used to demonstrate to your employees what kind of culture you are committed to creating, as well as how you aim for the brand to be viewed externally – and who doesn’t want to be proud of the brand they work for and what it represents? Sharing the company values so your workforce has an opportunity to identify with them can also come into play when onboarding, as it can be a digestible way to introduce new hires to the company mission and culture.

Learn more about how company values are useful and important for HR departments here.

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