Digital Transformation

Innovations in technology, analytics, and automation have changed the game for HR. The advent of powerful HR technology using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data has brought new HR capabilities and empowered us to better provide the all-important human element that should always be at the heart of HR. 

While growing numbers of organisations implement new digital technology to streamline and automate HR processes, some businesses are still being held back by paper and endless spreadsheets. Human Resources professionals may be uncertain of how these new digital systems can contribute to HR strategy and capabilities, or may struggle to make a business case for implementation. However, as the events of the Covid-19 pandemic has shown, a digital transformation strategy is essential for HR to keep up with the changing times. 

The following selection of resources, whitepapers, and downloadables explore this digital transformation and how it can improve HR and business processes. From discussions of the benefits of a digital transformation strategy to information about how digital transformation can result in better efficiency and employee experience, these insights cover a range of topics relating to the digital revolution in HR. 

The benefits of digital transformation

Why is it important to create a digital transformation strategy and start using HR tech? These resources explore the benefits that a digital transformation can bring to your organisation and employees. 

Growing changes and innovations in technology have helped HR change from a primarily administrative role to a strategy-based one. In this article, we take a look at the ways that a digital transformation strategy reduces HR employees' administrative burden and allows them to do their jobs more effectively. Whether it's using AI-powered tools to reduce failure demand, reviewing and rationalising processes using digital people analytics, or empowering employees with digital self-service, a digital transformation can make HR simpler for everyone. 

What are the benefits of moving your whole organisation onto Salesforce? Download our guide to learn the operational and strategic advantages that can be gained with the implementation of cloud-based technology Salesforce across the whole business, covering everything from HR to customer experience.  

Struggling to drive value with HR? Constantly wasting time on unimportant, time-consuming admin? Dreaming of a digital-first system that provides self-service and automation? In this blog post, we list the tell-tale signs that it's time to consider implementing updated technology in your HR department. 

While many software providers claim to have one single HR and Payroll software, these often in fact are two integrated pieces of tech. In this blog post, we explore the hidden disadvantages of software integrations and explain why your HR department needs an all-in-one single Payroll and HR software. 

Improving employee experience and productivity through digital transformation

The benefits of introducing new tech aren't limited to HR departments. In these resources, we look at the wider advantages of bringing digital technologies into your organization. 

We all know that going paperless is beneficial to the environment and can do wonders for your office clutter, but what are its other benefits? In this article, we explore the ways that a fully digital HR transformation can boost workforce productivity, effectiveness and accessibility of remote work, and many other benefits. 

Exploring HR technology

Let's dig a little deeper into the different types of digital tools that can be used for HR and how we can use them most effectively. 

How can we get the most out of our HR technology in the workplace after the Covid-19 pandemic? This whitepaper authored by HR expert and influencer Barry Flack explores the ways we can use technology to its full potential in the workplace. 

What are the different types of HR technology and which do you need to transform your business? In this blog post we explain the differences between Human Capital Management, Employee Resource Management, Human Resources Information Systems, and Human Resources Management Systems. Confused? This guide will help. 

Enterprise Resource Planning software and HR software are two digital solutions that can aid your organisation's transformation into a digital-first business. Exploring the key differences between these two types of technology, this blog post will help you identify which innovation is best for your business. 

Digital transformation for data and analytics

Data analytics are one of the most valuable benefits brought by the technology transformation in HR. In these resources, we look at the benefits of using this data and how failing to do so can harm business processes. 

Let's take a look at the problems of people data siloes, a common issue among organisations that have not yet embraced a digital HR transformation. This case study explores some of the key ways that an ineffective HR data strategy which doesn't make use of valuable digital technologies can lead to frustration, burnout, and ineffectiveness for the whole team. 

With access to extensive people data, HR teams are well placed to use this data to improve strategy creation and decision-making. As this whitepaper explains, integrating people data can improve project planning and boost your organisation's efficiency. To learn how HR's people data can be used to enhance your organisation's operations, download the whitepaper. 

Digital transformation trends for HR

What does the future hold for HR professionals? In these forward-looking pieces, we predict the ways that HR strategy will continue to undergo a transformation alongside new technologies in the future. 

Since many people were thrust into a brave new world of remote and hybrid working during the Covid-19 pandemic, HR has been undergoing a transformation. This trend article highlights HR priorities such as making hybrid working business models successful, focusing on diversity and inclusion in the workforce, and the increasing importance of cloud-based technology for 2021 and beyond. 

Everyone learned a lot from 2020 - HR, C-suite, and employees alike. In this blog post we look to the future in 2021 and beyond, exploring how increased working flexibility, a renewed focus on talent, and of course the digital transformation of HR will continue to redefine work in the coming years. 

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