Buried In Paper

How going paperless makes you a better employer

According to every business commentator, journalist, pundit and self-proclaimed guru, digital transformation is one of the most prominent business priorities

But look closely, even in organisations who proclaim their digitally enlightened credentials, and you’ll find stacks of paper receipts, payslips and forms. 

In cupboards, drawers, filing cabinets and offices around the country, many of the HR information and processing that’s done day to day still takes place on paper.

Turns out, going paper free is harder than completing dry January. Unfortunately, though, it’s a fundamental component of digital transformation.

Some ways paper is holding you back:

Time: Maintaining, filing, transposing, copying and generally processing paper documents is a manual, laborious, repetitive task. Reports aren’t generated, they’re painstakingly assembled by hand.

Accuracy: Data transfer in a paper world relies on human beings and their ability to manually copy information from one place to another, digit by digit, without making a mistake. Not going to happen.

Accessibility: It’s easy to list the ways information in paper files is accessible. There’s one way and it involves a person with the document sat in front of them. It’s Sunday and your CEO needs that data immediately, better get the car keys out…

Service levels: “Can you tell me how much holiday I have left please?” Yes, I’ll have to rifle through these filing cabinets. Or, “Can I have a report on H1 employee retention and a forecast for the rest of the year please?” Of course, sir. I’ll get back to you in two weeks.

Paper still works. It’s worked for decades. But if improvement and competitiveness is part of your organisational strategy, if you buy into the digital transformation trend, then paper processes should be on the guillotine.

When HR goes paperless:

Candidates apply online, meaning their details are immediately available to hiring managers and recruitment decision makers. Interview results can be efficiently collated and reviewed.

Job offers and contracts are automatically generated and shared. New starters already exist on the system from where they filled out their personal information as part of the application process, and where they have already had a chance to view the important policy documents.

Paperless Payroll is a gamechanger for processing. Electronic timesheets and automatic tax and pension calculations, updated salary changes, bonuses and other payments, cut days from the task. While transferring to digital payslips immediately removes a huge cash and administrative cost. Our system features a mobile expenses function that allows employees to snap a photo of a receipt and submit the expense then and there, completely doing away with the need to handle paper receipts.

Paperless performance management allows organisations to move away from the arduous and outdated annual appraisal approach, to a more modern system of constant two-way conversation and feedback.

Reporting and analytics:
When all your people data is held on a modern digital system of record, reports that might’ve taken HR professionals days to assemble can be compiled in seconds. Analytics can help you spot trends and unearth workforce insights that put HR ahead of the game and able to make a positive, valuable contribution to organisational strategy.

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