Why Salesforce is the Key to Automated HR Processes

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It’s no secret that automating HR processes using software is crucial in order to streamline the workload of Human Resources teams. In an organisation, HR should be able to focus on improving efficiency, productivity and strategic planning. Having the right HR software that facilitates HR automation is the first step to successful business processes.

Salesforce is the world’s leading CRM software platform which provides businesses with unparalleled automation tools, features and workflows. For HR, having software built on the Salesforce platform maximises the automation possibilities for Human Resources in your organisation. Let’s take a look at the specific HR processes which can benefit from automation on Salesforce.

Automated workflows throughout the Salesforce platform

Every HR team knows that automating time-consuming, admin-heavy tasks to alleviate the workload of HR teams isn’t just a nice-to-have feature of your HR software: it’s becoming essential. If your business already uses Salesforce in areas other than HR, you’ll be familiar with the benefits of the platform for workflow automation. Automating time-consuming business processes is the bread-and-butter of Salesforce. Bringing Salesforce’s intuitive automated workflow infrastructure to HR enables organisations to save time and money by streamlining HR’s workload.

For example, employees taking their leave entitlement is traditionally a paperwork-heavy HR process. Employees would take time to calculate their remaining leave, draft an email to HR and management to request time, the appropriate manager would then have to consider and respond and note the dates taken on the HR database.

With HR on Salesforce, this HR process is automated and simplified. Employees can access their leave entitlement from their HR software dashboards, instantly see how much of their allowance is left via automated calculations which include accrued leave and TOIL, submit their time off request in a few clicks, automatically notify the appropriate line manager via a pre-programmed flow, enable management to approve their leave instantly, and send automated responses.

XCD HR and payroll software is powered by the cloud-based Salesforce Lightning Platform. Automated workflows are updated in real time, meaning there is no lag in data transfers, minimised processing time and instant communication between management and employees within the all-in-one platform.

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Automated reporting and analytics

Reporting and analytics are core HR processes which can be streamlined and maximised through automation. With over 150 reporting templates available as standard on the XCD HR automation software, the amount of time spent on reporting is minimised as HR reports are available at the click of a button.

The XCD reporting and analytics functionality is far more than simply a HR automation tool. HR and Payroll on the Salesforce Lightning platform is revolutionary for reporting and analytics. Not only does the reporting software automate reports, but by utilising Salesforce’s industry-leading technology and investment, HR leaders can utilise AI to inform predictions and projections in reporting. Salesforce has created the artificial intelligence tool ‘Einstein’ to bolster HR reporting with projections and analytics which adjust automatically in relation to incoming employee data.

XCD’s HR automation software for reporting also enables Human Resources teams to create customised, Executive-level reports instantly to provide top-level insights on the performance of the workforce and the HR department.

Utilising automation for recruitment and onboarding

Recruitment and employee onboarding are another key HR responsibility which can be aided by automation, and particularly using software based on Salesforce. Though recruitment and onboarding processes are so intrinsically linked, many organisations use separate Applicant Tracking Systems and onboarding softwares, causing data silos and delays.

Utilising HR software which supports the recruitment and onboarding processes with automation enables HR departments to focus on providing the best candidate and employee experience to integrate new hires into your organisation, instead of handling paperwork. Using XCD, built on Salesforce, HR managers can ensure that new employees are set off on the right foot with a smooth onboarding experience. Any new hire’s data is automatically transferred from candidate status to employee upon a successful hiring process, instantly moving their data from the in-built ATS through to the HR system and payroll departments. This ensures no errors in remuneration and an improved employee experience for your new hires from the outset.

Payroll automation

Effective payroll automation is contingent on the quality of the software your organisation chooses. We’ve already boasted the benefits of XCD for HR automation, but payroll is another process which can be bolstered using Salesforce software.

Using a single software solution for both HR and payroll as opposed to an integrated system ensures that there are no risky data transfers of sensitive employee data between systems, no more worrying about compliance and no more manual data entry errors or bottlenecks. The Salesforce platform enables effective payroll processes using automation by cutting payroll processing time by up to 50% and automating calculations to eliminate human error.

Salesforce for payroll also empowers your reporting as HR professionals have access to a full suite of management reports which can be automatically generated using the data stored in the system.

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Use the AppExchange database to find more automation tools
XCD HR software is a comprehensive end-to-end solution for HR professionals and businesses wanting to enhance their internal processes. We’re sure you’ll have every tool you’ll need in the software itself, but in the unlikely chance you require an additional functionality, as XCD is built on Salesforce, you can easily integrate with thousands of apps on the Salesforce platform. Using software that is a part of the Salesforce app ecosystem empowers your organisation to integrate with any HR automation tool you could think of on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Self-service automation via XCD Mobile App

Another benefit of using HR software based on Salesforce is providing your employees with a mobile app that enables automated HR processes. The XCD app is created using Salesforce technology, empowering employees to take control of their own data, expense management, and leave requests. With the app, they can view their own documents remotely, anytime.

Once an employee uses the app to upload receipts and submit expenses, for example, these updates are automatically synced to the HR and payroll system as Salesforce is fully cloud-based. Encouraging employee self-service alleviates many of the manual tasks that often fall on HR teams, such as chasing expenses and sending their information over to payroll. Automation within the app sends submitted expenses directly to payroll without any data transfers or integrations.

One platform = seamless HR automation

In Salesforce, all employee and organisational data is collected and connected within the database, enabling departments to seamlessly and automatically share data as needed. XCD provides HR departments with the tools to facilitate HR automation and provide insights to inform HR strategies and reduce business bottom line costs.

Salesforce brings to HR the seamless communication of a CRM and the limitless possibilities of automation. XCD blends this technology with expert HR knowledge and experience to provide businesses with innovative HR technology.

XCD’s single solution for HR and Payroll empowers businesses with industry-leading HR automation capabilities thanks to Salesforce’s in-built automation infrastructure. If you want to learn more about the many benefits of moving your employee management to the Salesforce platform, click the button below: