Why does my business need a cloud-based HR system?

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The amount of information that you need to process will only grow, and without the right systems in place, data can get lost, insights could be overlooked, and money will be wasted. You need data management systems that will not only make the data management process easier, but that will also improve your company’s productivity and performance. This is as true for product management as it is for human resources. In fact, the better you can manage the HR component of your company with an HR system, the better your entire company can be run.

Why Use HR Software?

With our cloud-based HR software, you can better manage your company, your employees, and streamline processes for an overall better company that can scale up or down as you need it. Cloud based HR systems like ours further benefit from the ability to draw on information from multiple sources. What this means is that employees can sign in to a self-service portal to update their information and even input expenses on the go, offering an all-in-one aspect.

There are many benefits to using human resource software. It makes admin work easier, more effective, and less time consuming. The HR department can free up their time, utilising the self-service elements and having the HR software calculate absences, leave time and more; it can also compile all your meetings into a calendar so that you, managers and employees can stay on the same page. Plus, because of the company dashboard, all updates are in one place. From attendance management to expenses software, XCD can provide everything you need in a single HR and Payroll solution.

Do I Need HR Software?

Every large and growing company can benefit from an online HR system. If your company has more than 250 employees and already use a HR system but are looking for something more scalable as the company grows, the experts at XCD can provide seamless implementation. They can help you switch from your old system to your new one, or help you implement your first system if you’re still using spreadsheets and paper.

Cloud HR software, in particular, is incredibly useful for any growing company, as it allows automatic syncing across all accounts, meaning no time will be wasted in back-and-forth communication to update information. The more intuitive HR softwares will also have a compatible mobile app that allows users to keep track of their personal information and expenses while on the go. Choose an online HR software that is not only comprehensive in its abilities but also easy to scale up and down as your company requires.

What are the Benefits of HR Software?

HR Systems benefit medium to large scale businesses, in both the private and public sector. The easier it is to manage your employees and help them grow, the better your overall organisation will be. That is why your online HR software needs to do it all, on a cloud-based platform that is secure and future-proof, like Salesforce. You don’t want to have to work between different HR and payroll solutions; you want it all in one easy to use database, which is why our XCD software allows you to:

1. Speed Up Processes

One of the first benefits to using your HR software online is that it is accessible on any device, on one screen, within one database and with only one login. With XCD, employees have a self-service portal they can access to update their personal information as needed. This can reduce processing times and improve accuracy critical for fast and effective HR management.

2. Keep Track of Absence and Leave

Being able to manage an employee’s leave, and understanding when an employee has not turned up for work, is crucial. You can see if any individual employees or teams are taking too much time off, and have all leave calculated automatically. What’s more, you can set up triggers and alerts to identify any trends.

3. Manage Your Talent and Help Them Grow

The very nature of human resources is the management of your employees, and this, therefore, includes recruitment, training, and even rewards. That is why our cloud based HR software allows you to create great job listings online, automate the onboarding process and allows talent to upload a cover letter and CV directly to your system.

As for your current employees, you can customise a performance review form that both employees and managers can participate in discretely. You can also set up and manage training programmes that employees can enroll in, track, and join as they want to and need to. You do not want a stagnant workforce. You want one that is ever growing, because the better your team, the better your organisation.

4. Keep Track of and Approve Expenses and Costs

Not every payment will be standard. You may need to be able to account for overtime and expenses, which is why our all-in-one solution includes expenses management software. Employees can input expenses into this time and expense software that will then be approved, denied, or amended with little hassle. By having the right HR software solutions in place, you can make managing your employees easier and more effective.

When using a smart human resources management software system, your HR team can reduce admin times and gain more insightful and automated reports that can help you manage your people better. Never again do your HR team have to worry about sorting an employee’s overtime, nor do employees need to worry about clerical errors delaying their pay check. You can get everything done right the first time, and, with XCD software, rest easy knowing that your employee’s data is safe and secure.


The future is the cloud, which is why it makes sense to implement an HR online system that organises, is scalable, and allows you to save time while working smarter. What’s more, if you work across devices, you simply have to log in on the device of your choice. It is all in one database, so you can access information at any time. All that is left is to contact us to see how we can help you improve your human resource management today.